Don’t Mention Felix

The alleged goal of the course “Political Theory as Art Theory” was to examine both political and art theory texts in order to question the notion that there is a metaphysical distinction between politics and art.

The course was held in the fall semester 2015-16 at the Department of Art Theory, University of Applied Arts Vienna. Instead, the initial idea was quickly abandoned in favor of imparting the entire knowledge of Western civilization in a way that was easily understandable and immediately accessible.

School of Athens

Dr. Renée Gadsden’s created a new pedagogical approach called the “School of Athens” method during the semester. The School of Athens method is inspired by sources such as the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science and Theory U from Otto Scharmer of MIT. The students were able to comprehend and retain almost 100% of the information and material gone through in the seminar.

The Exhibition

The exhibition Don’t Mention Felix is a grateful acknowledgment of the excellence and uniqueness of each individual seminar participant.

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